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Why Your SaaS Onboarding Is Ineffective

Why Your SaaS Onboarding is Ineffective

The landscape of SaaS Onboarding is ever-changing. What used to be the standard of best practices will soon be obsolete and inefficient. The main goal for any SaaS product is to provide simple instructions that give users a positive experience. Not doing so will result in distrust from current users and bad reviews for future customers to read. At OnboardList, our goal is to help you convert more users with easy to follow checklists and reminder emails. Here are a few issues we found with SaaS onboarding and how OnboardList resolves them.
Product Tours Do Not Work
Imagine your first time using new software. You create an account and ready to test it out. However, you have to click multiple times to get through that software’s product tour to get to the reason you wanted to use this software.
In most cases, you will end up either giving up on it or skipping it entirely, which is not ideal as it leads you more confused about how to use the product. Product tours don’t take the time to show a first-time user how it works and what to do. Here are a few stats to consider:
  • Chameleon reported 15 million interactions on product tours and saw a completion rate of 61%. It could stem from people becoming uninterested in learning more about the software. Checklists are valuable to users as they have a better chance of finishing tours by 21%.
  • According to Wyzowl, 55% of people say they've returned a product because they didn't understand how to use it.
  • In Userpilot’s article, Everybody Hates Product Tours-- Why You Should Hate Them Too, 80% of new users will quit on a product tour if it has more than five steps.
People nowadays want instant gratification, especially when a service or product costs money.  At Onboardlist, we create personalized checklists to give your users widgets to show them what they need to do and how to use the features.
Email Sequences Lead to Higher Rates of Unsubscribers
Similar to product tours, email sequences do not take the users’ experience in mind. If you send too many with no value, many of your new users will either not open them or, worse, unsubscribe. Instead of showing your new user the benefits of using your product, you bombard them with generic, useless information about how great your features are.
Also, sending generic emails makes a user feel as if you do not understand their specific needs. With OnboardList, we use targeted reminder emails with just the link to the next unfinished step. Each one is customized to fit the needs of any user. These include a welcome email that provides a link to start the first item on the checklist and a congratulations email that shows their progress and the value created.
SaaS companies lack adequate Analytics Dashboard
Analytics is key to knowing which features work and what needs to improve. Specific popular SaaS onboarding software does not have the most useful analytics dashboard. For example, while Appcues is easy to set up and integrate third-party apps, its analytics dashboard is not the greatest.
Without analytics, you won’t know which step your users are struggling in. OnboardList’s analytics dashboard shows not only the percentage of user completion of each step, but it also allows you to see which step people are getting stuck and resolve the problem as soon as possible.
The competition to earn the loyalty of your users is steeper by the day. You do not want to miss out on future exposure and revenue because of old and outdated tactics. Consider Onboardlist as a key to your SaaS strategy. Our goal is to make a simple, straightforward, and enjoyable experience for your users.

by Chris Youngblood