Do what LinkedIn does

LinkedIn shows their ‘profile completenes bar’ to all of us to motivate us to complete our profile. Use the same strategy as they do with our onboarding lists. All at your fingertips, no coding needed.

Engage users with onboarding lists

Your new users today are your ambassadors of tomorrow. You know what actions within your application are crucial to make them ambassadors. Make sure your users take those actions.


Monitor your onboarding process

Find what users fulfilled their action and what actions are stumbling blocks. Optimise your onboarding flow based on hard facts and beautiful charts!

No coding required

Just add our small piece of Javascript and you’re ready to go. Create new lists, set your triggers, and define tasks.

No Coding
  • Easily mark actions

    Actions can be easily marked as done by using our URL based matching or use our REST or Javascript API.

  • Works on all devices

    Your users use multiple devices. No problem. Our widget works on all the devices your users use.

  • Unlimited

    You can create unlimited lists containing unlimited actions. Just do what’s best for your onboarding process.

  • Insights

    Get easily insights on the performance of your onboarding process and track the performance.

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